A. Galceran

A. Galceran

Després de dinou programes, en els quals hem pogut fer un breu repàs a la basta història de l’òpera, m’acomiado de tots vosaltres. Ha estat un GRAN plaer compartir la mitjanit amb tots els que ens heu fet companyia.

Ha estat un honor fer-vos còmplices d’un dels espectacles més complets i bells; i encara més si, tal i com alguns m’heu fet saber, el programa us ha servit per a conèixer l’òpera i endisar-vos-hi. Segur que en el futur ens retrobem envoltats del sensacional món de la lírica.

A partir de dilluns comença la nova programació de COMRàdio i els Moments d’Òpera tornaran a emetre’s amb regularitat a Olesa Ràdio, tot i que podreu seguir-los a través del meu blog personal, on també podreu descarregar-vos el podcast.

Només puc dir-vos, per acabar la temporada, que GRÀCIES; tan als que ens heu seguit, com als que ens han fet confiança i han permès que aquest programa s’hagi emès les nits d’aquest estiu de 2011.

Gràcies a tots,

Albert Galceran

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2 Responses to Gràcies!

  1. Shafiq escrigué:

    Una furtiva lagirmaNegli occhi suoi spuntf2 quelle festose giovani invidiar sembrf2 Che pif9 cercando io vo?M’ama, lo vedo.Un solo istante i palpitiDel suo bel cor sentir!..i miei sospir confondere per poco a suoi sospir! i palpite, i palpite sentir! confondere i miei col suoi sospir!Cielo, si puf2 morir;Di pif9 non chiedo, no chiedoo cielo, si puo, si puo morirdi pif9 nom chiedo, nom chiedo,si puo morir, si puo morird’amor

  2. Berkay escrigué:

    This DVD is a repackaging of faumos scenes and arias from full-length DVDs of the Italian operas represented. The productions mostly date from the 1980s and 1990s. I suppose they were chosen at least partly because of the names and fame of the singers contained herein. But even with the spoken introductions for each selection by the singers involved and it appears that the introductions were filmed recently few of the excerpts excited me too much. I am willing to concede that dedicated fans of these individual artists might have a different reaction. The excerpts (not yet listed here at Amazon) are:Marilyn Horne: Sorge l’irato nembo’ from Vivaldi’s Orlando FuriosoAnn Murray: Nacqui all’affanno’ from Rossini’s La CenerentolaJoan Sutherland: The Mad Scene from Donizetti’s Lucia di LammermoorJoan Sutherland: Casta Diva’ from Bellini’s NormaJoan Sutherland: D’amor sull’ali rosee’ from Verdi’s Il TrovatoreRoberto Alagna: Quanto e8 bella, quanto e8 cara’ Una furtiva lagrima’ from Donizetti’s L’Elisir d’AmoreAngela Gheorghiu: Prendi, prendi’ from L’Elisir d’AmoreGalina Gorchakova: Sono giunta!’ from Verdi’s La forza del destinoGegam Grigorian: La vita e8 inferno all’infelice’ from Forza del destinoNikolai Putilin: Morir! Tremenda cosa Urna fatale!’ from ForzaEva Marton: Suicidio!’ from Ponchielli’s La giocondaAs far as singing goes, praise must go to Horne, Murray, Gorchakova, Gheorghiu and Alagna. The stagings are all traditional and often quite gorgeous, although the productions from the Australian Opera look to have been done on the cheap. Marton sings reasonably well this was recorded before her voice took a turn for the worse but the scene is underlit and so is her acting. Joan Sutherland is her usual mush-mouthed and non-dramatic self. Her voice has never been particularly attractive to me, so you can judge for yourself the accuracy of my comments about her here. I will say that her trills in D’amor sull’ali rosee’ are spectacular. The interviews are mostly done in English or in the singer’s native language but with subtitles; Gorchakova would have done better to speak in Russian with subtitles rather than in her almost unintelligible English. Grigorian looks so depressed that one wonders if he shouldn’t be singing Suicidio’ rather than Marton. The Forza del destino excerpts, by the way, are from a production at the Mariinsky of the original 1862 St. Petersburg premiere; Grigorian’s La vita e8 inferno all’infelice’ in particular differs considerably from the version we are most familiar with. Sound PCM Stereo is the only option is variable as is the videography; they are mostly quite acceptable, however. Subtitles in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian. Menu language, though, is only English. Picture format: 16:9/4:3. Region code: 0 (worldwide). TT=107mins.Scott Morrison

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